Andrew Luck in New DirecTV Commercial, Playing Hide and Seek With Cats


It’s probably a good thing that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is either playing or watching football on Sunday’s. Otherwise, he and apparently the rest of us would be spending our spare time by playing hide and seek with a multitude of cats.

That is, according to a new DirecTV commercial:

It marks just the latest stroke of TV commercial genius from Luck, who’s already appeared in a BodyArmor Sports Drink ad wearing a Joe Namath-esque fur coat, as well as a new Nike ad “Short a Guy” earlier this offseason.

I mean just look at that knitted sweater! 

Still, Luck has considerable work to do to get to his Colts predecessor in Peyton Manning‘s endorsement level, who’s quickly become Papa John’s better half in addition to his other notable sponsorships including DirecTV.

However, Luck is rapidly making his case to become one of the NFL’s all-time endorsement greats when it’s all said and done. It shouldn’t be too long before he’s right up there with Manning, Donovan McNabb‘s mom handing out Chunky soup, and Mean Joe Green tossing his jersey to a kid in a Coke commercial.

It’s worth noting that Luck has also done endorsements for Klipsch Audio and TD Ameritrade among several others.

Still, as much as we like seeing Luck play with his cuddly feline friends, his natural fit is on the football field come Sunday’s. He’ll play, while we’ll happily watch.

Sorry, Mr. Jaffer. 

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