Andrew Luck Appears in New Nike Ad


Andrew Luck has had a busy offseason filming endorsement commercials. Luck has spent the better part of his first three years off the national airwaves, but that’s changing heading into his fourth season in the NFL.

Earlier this year we saw Luck featured with other athletes in BODYARMOR SuperDrink commercial. In that ad, he played a 1950s era footballer and channeled his inner Broadway Joe Namath, swaggering around in a fur coat. You should go watch that ad right now, we’ll still be here when you get done.

Yesterday, Nike released a new ad featuring Luck and a number of new athletes.

I’m fairly certain the kid had no idea what route he was running or where the end zone was. Also, he might be the greatest athlete in the world if he’s taking part in all those sports. 

The ad also features Mike Trout and Garrett Richards of the Angles, three-time Olympic gold medalist in volleyball Misty May-Treanor, professional lacrosse players Miles and Lyles Thompson, soccer legend Mia Hamm, and Anthony Davis of the Pelicans. Nike always manages to pull in the best players from their respective sports.

Luck is going to start popping up in a lot of national ads as he rises to the top of the quarterback crop in the NFL. It still remains to be seen whether or not he can approach Peyton Manning levels of TV coverage though. Ironically, Luck will be appearing with Manning in an ad this fall for DirecTV.

While Luck is racking up endorsements off the field, his primary employer is getting ready to make him the highest paid quarterback (maybe even player) in the NFL. Luck has two more years left on his current contract, but could soon be making over $25 million per season in the near future.