Andrew Luck Stars With Others in Outstanding BODYARMOR Ad


Back when he was drafted in 2012, Andrew Luck made the conscious choice not to be a spokesperson for a large number of companies. He did this so he wouldn’t alienate himself from his teammates and it has been very effective. Unlike Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson, Luck has never been at the center of fractured locker room stories.

We would see Luck here and there (like in EA Sports’ FIFA commercial) but he was certainly no Peyton Manning when it came to advertising.

Today, BODYARMOR SuperDrink has released a new commercial featuring Luck and a number of other athletes.

There are really only two shots of Luck, but they are glorious. He is perfect as an old-timey footballer and fits the old infomercial style very well, right down to the goofy awkward grin.

The real money shot is of Luck walking towards the camera in a fur coat with facial hair more ridiculous than his neck beard: a fu manchu. Apparently this man would fit in in the 1950s or 70s.

The ad also features James Harden, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Trout, Richard Sherman, Buster Posey and Skylar Diggins.

BODYARMOR is clearly trying to compete with Gatorade with its beverage that contains electrolytes but it also has coconut water and vitamins. Gronkowski is even handed a cup that has Gatorade coloring.

Luck has also done advertising for Klipsch Audio, a company based in Indianapolis. He will also be appearing in DirecTV ads this year, alongside the Manning brothers and Tony Romo.

Luck is piling up the contracts off the field and in the next year will be breaking Jim Irsay’s bank with a deal that could be worth $25 million per year.