What must the Colts do to get first win against Titans in three years?

With a losing streak that has lasted over a thousand days, here's what the Indianapolis Colts need to do to secure a divisional victory at home this weekend.
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts
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1. Colts will need to focus on ball security

In their last three games against the Titans, Indianapolis has turned the ball over at least three times per game. Three turnovers per game is practically guaranteeing a loss, so it will fall on the hands of the Colts offense to limit the amount of times they give the ball back to Tennessee.

The main downside of turnovers is often field positioning. When teams give the ball back in their own half of the field, it's assuring that the opposing offense has a chance at a field goal at minimum. Giving away guaranteed points will almost always result in a loss because it puts too much pressure on the defense to generate stops in key areas of the field.

Since last year, the Colts have given away the ball more than any other team with 38 turnovers. Ball security is imperative in keeping morale in the offense and not letting the players get to their own head. Anthony Richardson has turned the ball over only twice through three career starts, displaying his ability to keep the ball safe while still being mobile.

With star running back Jonathan Taylor possibly making his return to the field this Sunday, it will be important to watch how he fares against a Titans defense that has recovered three fumbles this year. In his first action since last year, Taylor should focus on being a reliable option for the Indianapolis backfield. Reliability is something the Colts have lacked over the past few years, and it will be interesting to see how Taylor can improve this offense.