Jim Irsay hilariously shares the Colts draft plans, kind of

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The Indianapolis Colts will soon make a very big pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and team owner Jim Irsay recently discussed all of Indy’s options.

With the 2023 NFL Draft now under two weeks away, teams are starting to finalize their draft boards and close in on a decision. One of the main characters of this year’s draft is the Indianapolis Colts. Indy currently has the No. 4 pick and the team is expected to select a quarterback. However, it’s unclear which quarterbacks will be available for Indy, who the Colts prefer, and if they will actually select a quarterback at all.

On Sunday, Indy’s team owner, Jim Irsay, took to Twitter to make Indianapolis’ plans even more confusing. Irsay posted extremely low quality pictures of the top four quarterbacks in the 2023 class. With the pictures, Irsay explained that the Colts could be selecting a QB at No. 4, but that there’s also a possibility that Indy trades up or back and select a QB, or pass on a quarterback entirely. Ultimately, Irsay expressed that “all options [are] on the table,” and that the team is happy with where they stand.

Jim Irsay says all options are on the table for Colts in draft

People didn’t really know what to make of Irsay’s tweet. Is he just trolling the fans or is Indianapolis really open to all these possible paths? Maybe Indy has already arrived to a decision, so Jim Irsay just wanted to have some fun and make it seem like the team is undecided. Whatever the plan was, Irsay gave everyone a laugh by not providing any intel at all.

As for what the Colts will really do, everyone will just have to wait until the draft to know for sure. Indianapolis has held visits and workouts with all of the top four quarterbacks. Indy has even spent time getting to know the quarterbacks that are expected to go in later rounds.

Much like Irsay said, anything could happen. With talks of the Houston Texans potentially passing on a quarterback, or the Arizona Cardinals possibly trading the No. 3 pick, there’s no telling who will be on the board when Indy is on the clock, and there’s also no telling what pick Indy will be on the clock with.

However, the Colts selecting a quarterback seems almost like a certainty. If selecting a player other than a QB is the option that becomes reality, there will be a lot of pushback and criticism for Indy. Whether it be Will Levis, Anthony Richardson, CJ Stroud, or Bryce Young, Indy has to draft one of these guys in the top four.

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