Colts 7-round 2023 NFL mock draft 5.0: Indy trades up for its quarterback

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After a quiet offseason, the Indianapolis Colts will now look at the NFL Draft to make some major improvements on the roster, starting with a trade.

The much anticipated wait is almost over as teams will be in Kansas City in just a few weeks for the NFL Draft. Coverage of the first round will start at 8PM EST on April 27 on ESPN, ABC, and the NFL Network.

After filling some minor holes on the roster, Chris Ballard has proven that he will continue to build the Indianapolis Colts the same as always: through the draft. No major signings or trades like the DeForest Buckner trade a few years ago that sent a first-round pick to San Francisco for the All-Pro defensive tackle.

The Colts have been rumored to want Lamar Jackson by the media, but even Jim Irsay has come out and said he'd prefer to draft a rookie in this year's draft. The Colts are done with the recycled quarterbacks from other teams. It sounds like the decision is to get their own for the first time since 2012.

Lamar should never be out of the question, though. What happens if Chris Ballard no longer has his quarterback on the board at the 4th pick and wasn't able to trade up to No. 3? What if he is only sold on one or two of the quarterbacks and not all four?

The Colts should be calling the Baltimore Ravens to inquire about Lamar Jackson in that scenerio and get the proven MVP on the team with the 4th and many other picks. But for now, let's say the Colts are able to get their guy in the first round through the draft.

Let’s take a look at who that guy is, and what other players Indy might select.