Colts reportedly prefer Will Levis over Anthony Richardson for one specific reason

University of Kentucky senior quarterback Will Levis rolled out for a pass during a Pro Day workout
University of Kentucky senior quarterback Will Levis rolled out for a pass during a Pro Day workout / Jeff Faughender/Courier Journal and USA

The Indianapolis Colts will likely decide between Will Levis and Anthony Richardson in the NFL Draft, and Indy is reportedly leaning towards Levis.

With the 2023 NFL Draft just a couple weeks away, it’s time for teams to start finalizing their draft boards. There have been several combines, pro days, private workouts, and visits, and now teams must start prioritizing which players they hope to draft. Obviously, anything can happen on draft night, and teams will have to adjust on the fly, but for the most part, teams are going to enter the draft with a plan.

For the Indianapolis Colts, that plan has to be to draft a quarterback. That’s been the case. All offseason, the questions have been: which quarterback will Indy select and where at in the draft? After not trading up for the No. 1 pick, it’s looking like the Colts will either draft at their original spot of No. 4, or one spot higher at No. 3.

With those picks, Indianapolis will likely be choosing between Anthony Richardson and Will Levis. While both quarterback prospects have some promising traits and some concerning ones, the general consensus has been that Richardson would go before Levis, and likely to the Colts. However, Indy may not see it that way.

In a recent piece for ESPN, draft analyst Matt Miller revealed that sources close to the team are saying the Colts currently have Levis over Richardson because Levis is “more likely to be able to play right away.”

Colts think Will Levis is more pro ready than Anthony Richardson

Coincidentally, that’s was Levis’ answer when asked what separated him from the rest of the quarterbacks in the class. Levis believes he’s more pro ready because of his collegiate experience in pro-style offenses. If that’s truly the case, he could be a day-one starter, and that’s likely what Indianapolis is looking for.

However, it’s fair to ask if that’s enough of a reason to draft Levis over Richardson. Being a day-one starter is great, but the Colts shouldn’t be drafting for Week 1 or just next season, their focus should be the future as a whole. Considering Indy’s circumstances, the team needs to be looking at the floor and ceiling of these prospects.

Levis’ floor in Week 1 being higher than Richardson’s Week 1 floor shouldn’t be the determining factor, especially if the team believes Richardson’s ceiling is much higher. The only way playing in Week 1 should be a factor is if Indy believes the ceiling of both players is close. If the Colts think in five years, both Richardson and Levis will be playing the same level of football, then sure, draft the one that will be better earlier.

But if Indy thinks five years down the road, one will be better than the other, that’s the quarterback Indianapolis needs to draft. Whether or not that’s the quarterback that will be better as a rookie shouldn’t be a factor.

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