Horseshoe Heroes staff predictions: Who will Colts pick at No. 4 in 2023 NFL Draft?

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This is a collaborative piece from the writers of Horseshoe Heroes predicting what the Indianapolis Colts will do with the No. 4 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The 2023 NFL Draft will start on Thursday night and the Indianapolis Colts will be one of the teams getting things rolling at the top of the draft. After a 4-12-1 season, Indy will enter the draft with the No. 4 pick. With that pick, the Colts could do several things, but the expectation is that Indianapolis will select a quarterback.

The question all offseason has been which quarterback, and will Indy have to trade up to draft the right guy? The team of writers for Horseshoe Heroes have shared what we think the Colts will do with the No. 4 pick, what we want them to do, and a selection we’d absolutely hate.

Predicting who Colts will pick at No. 4 in the 2023 NFL Draft

Jaleel Grandberry

Predicted pick: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Although Chris Ballard has been downplaying the reports, there probably is some truth to the claims that Indy are fans of Will Levis. His experience in pro-style offenses and promising traits likely won over the Colts.

Desired pick: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

If the Houston Texans actually pass on CJ Stroud and Indy can choose between Stroud, Levis, and Anthony Richardson, the Colts should absolutely choose Stroud. He’s the better passer, by far, and also has athleticism that he’ll be encouraged to use in the NFL.

Pick I’d hate: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Hate is a strong word, but if Indy is choosing between Levis and Richardson, two similarly graded prospects, Indianapolis should choose the more athletic guy with the higher ceiling: Anthony Richardson.

Justin Bauerle

Predicted pick: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Honestly, if Richardson and Stroud are still sitting there at 4, maybe the Colts will trade back a spot or two and take whoever is left. I can see Indy be comfortable with either of the two.

Desired pick: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Richardson has the highest ceiling of the quarterbacks in the draft and will add a very solid skill set to a versatile offense. What Shane Steichen has done with previous quarterbacks has me excited about what he could do with the best athlete in the draft.

Pick I’d hate: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

By any means, the Colts should stay away from Levis. Maybe it's part of me that is tired of my iPhone autocorrecting Levis to Levi's no matter what I do. Maybe it's part of me that just sees another Carson Wentz and I still have a burnt tongue from that year of Colts football. Just stay far away from him. I hope he is drafted by the Texans or Panthers.

Noah Compton

Predicted pick: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Richardson is the most athletic QB prospect of all-time by RAS' standards. Pair this with the fact he is widely viewed as the best transitional and schematic fit for a Shane Steichen offense and the sky is the limit for Indy.

Desired pick: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

CJ Stroud is highly regarded as a top two QB prospect in this year's draft class. If Stroud were to fall and end up a Colt, I have more than enough faith that Shane Steichen can get the best out of the already proven passer.

Pick I’d hate: BPA or a trade back

This wouldn't be the end of the world for an organization like the Texans, who have a new, defensive-minded HC with a long rebuild to endure. However, for an organization like the Colts who have been hibernating in QB purgatory, electing to trade back, or not take a QB in Round 1 at all, would indeed be foreboding.

Evan Garrison

Predicted pick: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

I think Indy will trade up to No. 3 for Levis. Carolina and Bryce Young are married at the hip now, and Demeco Ryans and Houston will take a QB despite recent reports. Arizona will look to get picks to expedite their rebuild and Indy will want to make sure no one takes their guy, who they've been linked to since the fall. Indy will finally have their long term solution at QB with the prototypical gunslinger in Will Levis.

Desired pick: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Stroud stands as one of the best pocket passers in the class and arguably has the best and most consistent film. Transitioning into an NFL offense, especially one that would feature Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman Jr, would fit Stroud's strengths.

Pick I’d hate: A player that isn’t a quarterback

The Colts are in the best position to fix their franchise signal caller vacancy and they need to make sure they don't end up in this position again for another 15 years at least. Sure, Will Anderson is a good pick if no QBs are available, but this franchise with a storied winning history cannot wait another year, even if Caleb Williams is the next great QB prospect next year.

John Makuch

Predicted pick: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Stroud has seemed to be projected to fall down to the top four rather than being the number one quarterback. With the first year of Shane Steichen, he will need a new quarterback to take over the helm.

Desired pick: Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

A duo of Jalen Carter and DeForest Buckner sounds absolutely terrifying for opposing offensive lines. While yes there are some issues that have arisen with Carter, there is no question his talent would flourish in this defense.

Pick I’d hate: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Levis is a quarterback that still has to hone his accuracy, and needs a great system around him to develop. Indianapolis is not in a spot to nourish and let a quarterback sit for a couple years, so while Levis has arm talent, it just does not make sense for this team.

Brad Marr

Predicted pick: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

The sheer athleticism and ability Richardson encompasses could blow the roof off Lucas Oil Stadium. No ceilings are safe if his trajectory of talent gets paired with a QB guru in new head coach Shane Steichen.

Desired pick: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Let's go ahead and double down on Anthony Richardson in Blue and White throwing dimes to Michael Pittman Jr., Alec Pierce, and Jelani Woods for years to come.

Pick I’d hate: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

I'm sorry, but the history is consistent with Ohio State quarterbacks. There's no reason to keep up a QB carousel. Stroud would likely hit the scene as a day one starter. With Richardson, we already expect a project. One's ceiling is through the roof, and the other is on track for mid.

Jacob Mummert

Predicted pick: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

CJ Stroud has been discussed heavily, as of late, after reports aired that he didn’t place well on the S2 test. This could allow him to slide to the Colts and I could see Ballard and Co. finding it hard to pass on him.

Desired pick: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Anthony Richardson is somewhat viewed as a high risk-high reward pick but that is exactly the kind of move Ballard could make in what could be his last season as the Colts’ GM. He has never gotten the opportunity to draft his premiere quarterback and Richardson checks all the boxes for athleticism and skill that the team is looking for.

Pick I’d hate: Any edge rusher

Although the top of this draft is loaded with talent at the edge rusher position, this is not necessarily an immediate position of need for the Colts. After signing Samson Ebukam, Indy has established better depth at this position and can afford to take an edge later in the draft where Ballard has more success at finding diamonds in the rough.

Pacey Strickland

Predicted pick: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

I think the Colts will take Levis due to his big arm ability. Levis has all the tools to be a great NFL quarterback. Levis also seems to be the quarterback that Indianapolis has shown the most interest in.

Desired pick: CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Stroud's rumored test scores do not scare me one bit. I also question the accuracy of those leaked scores. Stroud is the most accurate passer in the draft and also has the build to be an elite NFL quarterback.

Pick I’d hate: Any player that isn’t a quarterback

This is the year for the Colts to get their franchise quarterback. Any scenario that has Indianapolis not picking a quarterback is one that I do not want to be apart of.

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