Dan Orlovsky breaks down why Anthony Richardson may not make it to the Colts

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Anthony Richardson is expected to be on the board when the Indianapolis Colts draft, but Dan Orlorvsky is explaining why that may not be the case.

At the end of April, the Indianapolis Colts will likely be selecting a player in the NFL Draft that they hope develops into the team’s franchise quarterback. Indy has been in search of a franchise QB since Andrew Luck retired, and now that the team has the No. 4 overall pick, the Colts are in a position to find their quarterback in the draft.

As the draft approaches, everyone is trying to figure which quarterback Indianapolis will draft. Since Indy’s choice will largely be impacted by the selections of the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans, the expectation is that the Colts will decide between Anthony Richardson and Will Levis, because Bryce Young and CJ Stroud would already be off the board.

While many fans and analysts are busy making the case for Indy to select Richardson or Levis, Dan Orlovsky is making the case that Anthony Richardson may not even be available for the Colts to draft. In a recent segment for NFL Live, Orlovsky explained that he knows many people believe the conversation at No. 1 is between Young and Stroud, but he thinks Richardson is still a possibility at No. 1, and used the quarterback’s Florida film to show why.

Dan Orlovsky thinks Anthony Richardson could be drafted at No. 1

Orlovsky believes that with all the tools Richardson has, he could very well be the first prospect to hear his name called on draft night. Orlovsky used four clips to highlight four specific attributes that make Richardson special. The attributes were unicorn combination, weapon in QB run, can attack every vertical blade of grass, and pocket strength in movement.

By unicorn combination, Orlovsky was referring to Richardson’s full package of size, strength, athleticism, and throwing ability. Weapon in the QB run game is as simple as it sounds. Richardson is a gifted runner and that will certainly give him an edge at the next level. As far as attacking every vertical blade of grass, it doesn’t seem like there’s a deep pass that Richardson can’t make. To finish it off, Orlovsky showed how strong and smart Richardson is when navigating a collapsing pocket.

All of these traits make Richardson a prospect with a very high ceiling, and that’s why Colts fans have been getting excited about the possibility of him coming to Indianapolis. But those exact same traits are also the reason the Panthers could select Anthony Richardson with the first-overall pick.

If that does happen, it won’t necessarily mean bad news for Indianapolis. It just means that the Colts will likely end up with CJ Stroud or Bryce Young. Both are very talented prospects that Indy would be lucky to have. So it’s just a matter of waiting to see which QBs will fall to Indianapolis.

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