Ranking the top quarterback options for the Colts in 2023

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback C.J. Stroud drops back to throw in front of NFL scouts during Ohio
Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback C.J. Stroud drops back to throw in front of NFL scouts during Ohio / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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The Indianapolis Colts are in desperate need of a quarterback, and between the draft and free agency, there are a lot of options. Who’s the best option?

With the Indianapolis Colts not having a visible starter at the start of April, the Colts are in desperate need to get this right. This will be the eighth season in a row with a new starting quarterback in Week 1. The end has to be near, right? Indianapolis is poised to get a quarterback that will be the face of the franchise for the next decade. The Colts just need to get it right this time around and make sure they get the quarterback they want, not just another player ready for retirement that is trying to prove they can still play.

But who, is the question? Does Indy draft a quarterback with the fourth pick in the draft? Does the team trade back and go after someone later? Will Indianapolis stay at No. 4, draft the best player available and wait another year for Drake Maye or Caleb Williams?

I can only imagine the riots on social media if the Colts were to not select a franchise quarterback in the draft on April 27. Indianapolis, and most importantly, Chris Ballard must get this right. Ballard has stated he's never gotten to pick his quarterback in the draft and this is his chance.

We've ranked the quarterbacks eligible in the draft a few times, most recently following the NFL Combine. But what if the quarterback for the Colts wasn't on the list before? What if the quarterback for the Colts already has experience in the league? Let's look at each scenerio.

Previous: NR. . 6. player. . . 534. Hendon Hooker

Could Hendon Hooker be the Colts dream player?

Hendon Hooker has been on this list before, as high as No. 4, but he fell off quickly after his ACL tear late in the college season that sidelined him through the remainder of his college career. Hooker was available for interviews at the combine, but obviously did not work out.

For the longest time, Hooker was seen as a day two or three draft pick to a team that could allow him to sit while they have the player they need right now. Now, Hooker is finding his name in first round mock drafts, partially because of the hype that Mike Tannenbaum has generated by mocking him fifth-overall to the Seattle Seahawks. Is he worth a first round pick? Is he worth a top-five pick in the draft even? Probably not, but the Colts could draft him in the second if he's available.

Going this route is risky. If Indy passes up on the top four quarterbacks in the draft to go for Hendon in the second round, what happens if he gets selected earlier?