Colts reportedly schedule follow-up meeting with Anthony Richardson as draft nears

Anthony Richardson takes part in Florida's pro day.

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Anthony Richardson takes part in Florida's pro day. Syndication Gator Sports / Doug Engle / USA TODAY NETWORK

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, the Indianapolis Colts have been getting to know the quarterbacks. Indy is now planning another meeting with Anthony Richardson.

The Indianapolis Colts know how important the 2023 NFL Draft is for them. With the No. 4 pick in the draft, Indy is finally in a position to select a top quarterback, something the team has needed for several years now. To ensure they make the right decision, the Colts have been having meetings and private workouts with all of the top quarterbacks in the draft, and QBs that are expected to be available in the later rounds.

While Indy is doing its due diligence on all the quarterbacks, Indy’s decision is expected to come down to Anthony Richardson and Will Levis. The current belief is that Bryce Young and CJ Stroud will be selected in the first two picks, then, Indy will decide if they want to trade up for Levis or Richardson, or just let one fall to them.

As everyone looks for signs to see which direction Indianapolis is leaning, it was reported that the Colts are talking another step in getting to know Anthony Richardson. NFL insider, Josina Anderson, reported that Indianapolis has scheduled a virtual follow-up with Anthony Richardson.

Colts plan virtual follow-up meeting with Anthony Richardson

Indianapolis has already attended the pro days of all of the top quarterbacks, and held visits/private workouts for each of the top four. That makes this virtual follow-up interesting. What else is it that Indy wants to learn? Could this be a sign that Richardson is a finalist of sorts for the Colts’ No. 4 pick? Possibly.

Recently, it was reported that the Colts preferred Will Levis over Richardson, because they believe Levis is ready to start from day one. Whether that’s true or not, Indy is certainly keeping its options open. The team sent a large group of staff members to visit Levis, and also hosted Levis for a visit. Now, Indianapolis is preparing for possibly a third or fourth meeting with Anthony Richardson.

It seems like the Colts know they will be deciding between these two quarterback prospects, and with the draft under two weeks away, Indianapolis is taking the necessary steps to see which quarterback they prefer.

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