Colts’ Reggie Wayne thinks fans are too quick to judge players and he’s proof of that

Indianapolis Colts legend and current coach Reggie Wayne thinks fans are a bit impatient with players, not allowing them time to develop.
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If you’re a sports fans and spend any time on social media, you know that it can be a rough place for players. The platforms give space for fans and media members to say any and everything about teams and players, making way for narratives to be built, regardless of reality. Former Indianapolis Colts receiver, and current receivers coach, Reggie Wayne recently used his social media platform to speak about this.

Wayne took to Twitter/X and posted about how Twitter users are “quick to call a player garbage.” He went on to post his stats from his first three seasons to show that fans were probably calling him garbage early in his career, but he was lucky that social media wasn’t in existence like it is to day.

Reggie Wayne thinks fans need to be patient with players

Wayne is right. The sports world isn’t as patient with players, teams, or coaches as it used to be, and that’s especially evident on social media. While there are quite a few players that enter the league and dominate immediately, it’s important to remember that the NFL is the pinnacle and it takes time for a lot of players to adjust. Not to mention, there are a ton of factors that determine a player’s production, beyond just their skill.

Someone who’s going through that now is a receiver that Reggie Wayne is coaching, Alec Pierce. Pierce is coming off an underwhelming year two in the league, only catching 32 passes for 514 yards and two touchdowns. However, Wayne has repeatedly come to his defense, saying that Pierce has been extremely unselfish, while making the most of his limited opportunities.

After Wayne posted his stats from his first three seasons, it was pointed out that his numbers through two years are nearly identical to Alec Pierce’s stats. Wayne, of course, is on track to officially being a Hall of Fame receiver, so it’s safe to say everything worked out for him. Pierce obviously has a long way to go before having a career like Wayne’s, but the comparison, along with Wayne’s words, is a sign that maybe everyone needs to breath a little and give everyone time to reach their potential.