Reggie Wayne is sending a message about Colts wide receivers after their big game

The Indianapolis Colts picked up a big win on Sunday and the wide receivers played a big part in the victory, making wide receivers coach Reggie Wayne proud.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts won their fourth straight game on Sunday, defeating the Tennessee Titans 31-28 in overtime. While the Colts got big contributions from the defense and the special teams, the offense also had a big day thanks to the team’s wide receivers. An uncharacteristicly slow day on the ground, just 55 rushing yards, the passing attack made up for it.

Michael Pittman Jr. had another No. 1 wide receiver performance, leading everyone with 11 receptions for 105 yards and the game-winning touchdown, and Alec Pierce had a statement game, catching three passes for 100 yards and a touchdown. It was the kind of game that people expected would happen frequently entering this season.

No one seemed more excited about the big day from Pittman and Pierce than their wide receiver coach Reggie Wayne. Following the win, Wayne had something that he wanted to let the people know. He took to social media, responding to a picture of him and Alec Pierce, saying, “Receivers just need opportunities….”

Reggie Wayne just wants Colts receivers to have a chance to make plays

This is the latest example of Wayne going to bat for his receivers, and more specifically Alec Pierce. Prior to Sunday, Pierce had been having an underwhelming season, falling short of the expectations that many people had for him in his second saeason. However, Wayne led a group of people that argued that Pierce was doing just fine, he just needed opportunity. On Sunday, Pierce got that opportunity and made the most of it.

Reggie Wayne was clearly fired up, because he made a similar statement when walking into the locker room after the game. As all the Colts were excited after a tough win, Wayne shouted, “Just throw it to the receivers; give us a chance.” Indianapolis did that on Sunday and it won the team the game.

Wayne, now in his second season as the Colts wide receiver coach, is admittedly better at his job. He’s been able to impact the wide receiver room in a ton of ways. Wayne was the biggest advocate for drafting Josh Downs, and now Downs is Indy’s second-most productive receiver. Wayne has also been able to help Pierce through this slow year, explaining to the young receiver how Wayne had a similar experience early in his career when Marvin Harrison was getting all of the targets. Michael Pittman Jr. is also on pace to do something for the franchise that hasn’t been done since Wayne himself.

It’s clear that he’s been able to help on and off the field. The receivers seem to follow his lead and it’s clear that Wayne believes in them. He just wants them to have the opportunity to make plays.