Anthony Richardson tells Colts and rest of NFL why they won’t regret drafting him

Mar 3, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (QB11) speaks to the
Mar 3, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (QB11) speaks to the / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Richardson recently penned a powerful essay to teams like the Indianapolis Colts, explaining why they should select him in the 2023 NFL Draft.

No prospect has had a better pre-draft process than Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson. When the college football season ended, Richardson was considered a project quarterback that would likely go at the top of the second round. Now, just a couple of weeks before the 2023 NFL Draft, Richardson is a lock for the first round and is expected to go in the top five.

While Richardson has already done enough to improve his stock, he recently took even more time to pitch himself to NFL general managers. On Thursday, Richardson released an essay through The Players’ Tribune, titled, “Dear NFL GMs.” When Richardson shared the writing on Twitter, he explained, “I have a few things I wanted to share before the draft.”

In the piece, Richardson gives readers a look into his life, and explains how everything that he’s been through with his family has made him the person and football player that he is today. Towards the end, Richardson explains that he hears some of the noise and critiques of his game. His response to it all was, “watch how hard I work.”

Richardson drove home the point that he’s willing to give his all to improve, expressing, “My family sacrificed too much for me to not give everything to this game.”

Anthony Richardson is ready to give his all to a franchise

This work ethic and commitment to improve is likely the reason Richardson’s stock has skyrocketed. He’s capitalized on every opportunity and has already shown growth from the time the season ended, to the combine, to his pro day. It’s fair to expect that to continue once he is drafted.

With Richardson’s combination of skill and athleticism, many people believe he has the highest ceiling in the draft. Richardson is also explaining that he has the work ethic to reach that potential. It’s now just a matter of him getting drafted to the right situation so that he can properly develop.

Could the Colts be that team? Indianapolis is in need of a quarterback and has the No. 4 pick in the draft. Additionally, the Colts now have Shane Steichen as the team’s head coach, and he has a great track record developing young quarterbacks, most recently, Jalen Hurts. Anthony Richardson seems like a good fit for the Colts, and that situation could become a reality in a couple of weeks.

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