Shane Steichen’s first speech to Colts shows exactly the kind of coach he is

Shane Steichen, left, speaks at a press conference Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2023 announcing that he is the
Shane Steichen, left, speaks at a press conference Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2023 announcing that he is the / Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar / USA TODAY

Shane Steichen finally addressed his Indianapolis Colts team as head coach, and Indy shared his passionate opening speech with the world.

On Monday, the Indianapolis Colts returned to the facility to start their offseason program. Since Indy has a new head coach, the team was allowed to start a week earlier than teams with returning head coaches. That means Steichen got to address the team as head coach for the first time since being hired, an experience that Steichen admittedly spent a lot of time thinking about.

While the opening speech isn’t a practice or game or workout, it is viewed as the tone-setter for the season. Since it’s was Steichen’s first ever time talking to the entire team, it was a tone-setter for his tenure as head coach. He used it to show the players what he expects from them as people and as as players. He also showed that he was a very passionate coach.

Shane Steichen focused on building the culture of Colts

There’s only so much that can be said in these meetings, so the contents of Steichen’s speech may sound like the typical talking points of football leaders. Regardless, the pillars that Steichen wants to build Indianapolis around are character, preparation, consistency, and relentlessness. The way that he conveyed these four points to the team shows the type of coach that he is.

Steichen is a fiery guy that does everything with passion. At times throughout his opening speech, he sounded like he was reprimanding the team, but they haven’t even had the opportunity to do anything wrong yet. That’s just the type of energy that Steichen carries as a coach.

That passion and fire has been on display since Steichen’s introductory press conference. By all accounts, that kind of leadership is exactly what the Colts need. From Jim Irsay to Shaq Leonard, members of the organization have spoken about how they want a head coach that will hold everyone accountable and demand excellence. That appears to be Steichen.

As Indianapolis progresses through the offseason, Steichen will continue to build the culture that he wants the Colts to have, and hopefully, that will turn into wins in the fall.

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