Colts Free Agency Guide: What to do With all That Cap Space


The Colts have an enormous amount of cap space at their disposal. They don’t often have this much to use, so they need to use it wisely. This is a guide to do just that.

Cap space can be very useful in the NFL, but only if used properly. The Colts happen to have the fourth most cap space in the league this off-season. They have almost $74 million to play with. That’s quite a lot of cash, but how should they spend it?

The first thing they should do is not throw it at high-profile free agents. As noted before, most teams don’t let their best players get to free agency. There aren’t going to be many players that have immediate big time impacts. The Colts should spend their money on free agents to incrementally improve.

Number two on their list should be to re-sign Rashaan Melvin. He is the best player the Colts have in the secondary, and corners like that don’t grow on trees. He will cost the Colts quite a bit of money, but it would be money well spent. Melvin already has chemistry with the rest of the team.

They should also use their cap space to improve the offensive line. Throwing a couple of $10 million dollar deals to some decent offensive lineman would at the very least give the team some depth. These lineman don’t have to be excellent, they just have to be average.

Lastly, the Colts should get a wide receiver with reliable hands. They are more than likely about to let Donte Moncrief go, mainly because he has failed to produce on the field. Getting a receiver with a good set of hands would help take the pressure off of T.Y. Hilton.

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With free agency about to start, the team will need to address several areas of their roster. If the Colts spend well, they could dramatically improve the roster in little ways that will add up to more wins.