The Colts Shouldn’t Hold out Hope for a Game Changing Free Agent

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The Colts have a lot of cap space to use in free agency. They are able to pay multiple free agents to play for them. But they shouldn’t expect a free agent to be a massive impact.

The Colts historically haven’t done too much in free agency. The Ryan Grigson era was pretty much the only time the Colts spent a lot of money to lure players to Indianapolis. A lot of those moves ended up not working out as they had hoped.

Some of the players they had signed were supposed to have a big impact on the game. That is the problem with free agency though. Teams don’t let players who have big impacts get that far. Teams don’t let their best players get into free agency.

With that in mind, the Colts shouldn’t expect a big time free agent to come in and immediately start impacting games on a large scale. There isn’t going to be a big time pass rusher or wide receiver out on the market.

That doesn’t mean the team still can’t get good players. They can get solid players that fit their schemes well, and that can still have good value. The team has plenty of cap space to find several good players to fill holes on the roster.

Colts fans should also realize that the team realizes this. They shouldn’t expect the organization to go after a Sheldon Richardson type player who is a Pro Bowler. But there are several players out there with proven success that would help the Colts.

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Free agency is usually a time for fans to be optimistic. It means they have a chance to snag that franchise-changing player. Just don’t expect the Colts to do that this year. That’s just not their style.