ESPN Projects Low Win Total for the Colts in 2018


Bill Barnwell wrote an article for ESPN predicting what Las Vegas will set each team’s win total at in 2018. He did not have a favorable prediction for the Colts.

2017 was a year that many Colts fans will want to forget as Indianapolis stumbled to a 4-12 record with injuries to many of their key players, including Andrew Luck.

However, there are many reasons to get excited for 2018.

The Colts will have a new head coach (likely Josh McDaniels), Andrew Luck is expected to be healthy, Indianapolis has a ton of cap space to spend in free agency, and they have the third overall pick in this year’s draft.

Bill Barnwell apparently doesn’t see much hope for the Colts next season as he expects Las Vegas to set their win total at 5.5 for 2018. Here’s his blurb explaining his prediction in the article:

"A bet on the Colts is a bet for or against Andrew Luck, who seems no nearer a return than he did at this time last year. If the rumors are true and Indy brings in Josh McDaniels, they’ll be gaining a coach with a brilliant offensive mind; but years of bad drafts have left the Colts a ways away from competing in a suddenly difficult AFC South. Concrete news on Luck would shift this line by a win in either direction."

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While it is true that there is plenty of uncertainty regarding Luck’s health, the Colts have one of the best backups in the league in Jacoby Brissett and he is familiar with Josh McDaniels’ system from his time in New England.

To be fair to Barnwell, this isn’t a prediction of how many games the Colts will win next season. It is merely a prediction of where Las Vegas will set the line for next year’s win total.

It does appear clear that Barnwell doesn’t see the bright side of the Colts’ potential in 2018 as general manager Chris Ballard continues to build a strong roster, and Indianapolis will have an upgrade in offensive coaching with McDaniels.

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If Las Vegas does set the win total at 5.5 for next season, I may have to make a trip down to Nevada and place a wager on the over.