Andrew Luck Addresses Media After Returning from Europe


Andrew Luck spoke to reporters for the first time since heading to Europe to undergo treatment on his shoulder. He provided a positive update on his recovery.

The road to recovery from offseason shoulder surgery has been a long one for Andrew Luck. He’s suffered a multitude of setbacks since his surgery in January of 2017, but he’s optimistic about his rehab after traveling to the Netherlands for treatment.

Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star recorded his comments.

"“My gut and my feeling tells me I won’t need another surgery,” said Luck on Friday. “I’m very optimistic. I feel really good today I do not think I need another surgery. I believe in the process I’m in right now. I plan on being ready for everything (OTAs).”"

The last report on Andrew Luck’s status said that he was going to attempt to start throwing again soon, but there was a possibility of another shoulder surgery this offseason. Colts fans know Luck’s comments have been positive throughout this whole process, so it’s hard to know if what he says is a totally accurate depiction of his condition.

Luck said he didn’t undergo any crazy treatment while he was in Europe, he just wanted to work with a particular trainer that he’s worked with in the past.

This past year has been incredibly difficult for Luck. He spoke to reporters about how tough it was for him to be away from the team, and how he felt helpless standing on the sidelines all year.

Luck says that the pain in his shoulder has subsided, which is why he’s feeling good about the status of his shoulder moving forward.

"“The pain has significantly gone down and that’s why I feel so optimistic about the process.”"

The Colts would love to see Luck get some throwing in this offseason, but they need to learn their lesson from earlier this year and not rush him back. Even if he’s unable to participate in OTA’s, the focus should solely be on getting their Pro Bowl quarterback ready for Week 1 of 2018.