Will Jim Irsay Chase Andrew Luck Out of Indianapolis?

With Jim Irsay’s latest comments about Andrew Luck’s recovery, will the franchise quarterback get fed up with his owner’s antics and force his way out?

Tony Dungy was on the Dan Patrick Show this week, and revealed that Colts owner Jim Irsay told him he thought Andrew Luck’s setback in his recovery from shoulder surgery was all inside his head.

Dungy didn’t know they were on the air at that time and has since walked back those comments a bit, but he can never fully take those words back.

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Jim Irsay has had a history of erratic behavior during his tenure owning the Colts.

He called out Peyton Manning for not winning enough Super Bowls, he was arrested for drunk driving with possession of a controlled substance, and now he’s gotten into a “he said, he said” about his quarterback’s injured shoulder.

Andrew Luck had been carrying this franchise on his back ever since he came into the league as the number one overall pick. He’s never had enough help on the offensive line or on defense, and now that lack of protection has caught up to him with three straight season-ending injuries.

It would be nearly impossible for Luck to force a trade as he is now damaged goods with one of the NFL’s largest contracts. And there is no way the Colts would ever cut him while he is under contract.

However, the Colts’ organization needs to shape up if they want Luck to stay in Indianapolis after his contract is up, and that begins with Jim Irsay.