The Colts Should Not Tank, Even if Andrew Luck’s Season Is Over


It was reported that Andrew Luck could miss the entire 2017 season. This was disappointing news for Cots fans, as it was just a couple months ago that he was expected to miss only one or two games. The popular opinion among Colts fans is that the team should tank, but that is not (nor is it nearly ever) the right option.

Tanking tends to be an exciting idea to fans of bad teams who feel all they have to live for is the draft, but it is almost never a good choice.

There are special circumstances (the 2011 Colts) where fans should hope to lose because there is a clear number one prospect that seems destined to drastically improve the franchise for years to come, but that is roughly a once in a generation occurrence.

History shows that the chances of hitting or missing on the seventh pick, as opposed to the twelfth, are very unpredictable. Even if the playoffs do not seem likely, the Colts still have a lot to play for in 2017 and can worry about the draft once they find out where they will be picking.

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If the Colts are winning games it means that the young talent is coming along nicely, which would obviously be exciting. Talent development and winning go hand in hand, and hopefully we will see both.

First round rookie Malik Hooker has played very well this year, Marlon Mack has shown flashes, Nate Hairston has also showed some promise, and Quincy Wilson has played pretty well when active. Also, the more games the Colts win, the more value they will be able to acquire for quarterback Jacoby Brissett in a potential trade.

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Losing is not a good sign for a young team, even if missing their best player for the entire season. The problem that the Colts have had in the Andrew Luck era is that they have not had a sufficient supporting cast to help their franchise quarterback.

Hopefully the Colts will be able to win some games this year and show that this supporting cast is coming together. Fans should not be rooting for losses because the draft compensation isn’t worth forming bad habits in the losses. Colts fans should be excited for the rest of the year and finding enjoyment in watching this rebuild come together, even if the playoffs are out of reach.