NFL Draft: Colts Primer and Where to Watch


The NFL Draft is finally upon us. The first round kicks off this evening on ESPN and the NFL Network at 8 P.M.

After the next three days there will be no more mock drafts and rampant speculations. We’ll be able to give analysis of the players the Indianapolis Colts end up with and overrate their ability to all become future Pro Bowlers in the the coming months.

We’ve spent the last few months preparing for the draft and giving you more analysis than seemingly possible.

Dave McKee gave us a through draft primer for the Colts in the first round. Hunter Robinson believes that the team should go after an inside linebacker with the 29th pick.

We have our editor mock drafts, go here for Luke’s and here for Evan’s. And Fansided ran a mock with all the network editors, you can find that here.

There are all sorts of rumors about where players might end up in the draft, and which ones could fall into the Colts’ lap with the 29th pick. Christopher Gerlach theorizes that Melvin Gordon and Shane Ray could be available late in the first round. Gerlach also looked at the Colts running back situation last week.

We looked at how well Colts GM Ryan Grigson has done in the draft over the past three years. He’s managed to find eight good players with 22 picks, which isn’t that bad (but trading for Trent Richardson was).

Grigson is also busy scouting players all over the world. We also looked at what sort of options the Colts could have to add depth following the draft. They have a long history of finding a good player from the ranks of undrafted free agents.

Last week, Grigson held his pre-draft press conference. Among the topics of discussion, Grigson praised the abilities of safety Landon Collins from Alabama. Which prompted us to breakdown the safeties available in the this year’s draft.

2015 NFL Draft

Location: Auditorium Theatre, Chicago

Round One: 

Thursday, April 30

NFL Network and ESPN, 8:00 P.M Eastern

Rounds Two and Three:

Friday, May 1

NFL Network and ESPN 2 7:00 P.M. Eastern

Rounds Four through Seven:

Saturday, May 2

NFL Network and ESPN, 12:00 P.M. Eastern

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