Where in the World is Colts GM Ryan Grigson Scouting?


According to Stephen Holder of The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson will search far and wide for prospective elite NFL athletes, not just limited to the confines of the United States but all over the world.

The former NFL scout, now head of Colts football operations hasn’t just worked out a handful of both Canadian Football League and Arena Football League players alike in his “thinking outside the box”.

He’s brought in former collegiate basketball standouts during his tenure as Colts General Manager in converted tight end Erik Swoope and just recently offensive tackle Demarco Cox respectively. Players that are assuredly gifted with exceptional athleticism, just at first in another sport.

He’s found a Kenyan Rugby star, now converted outside linebacker in Daniel Adongo, as well as apparently even kicked the tires on a 380 pound Australian shot putter.

Heck, he once flirted with signing a 6’9″, 419 pound giant of a man in “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones 

It’s clear that Grigson isn’t deterred by these potential NFL athletes raw and limited football background, he’s just looking to uncover some potential diamonds in the rough to ultimately better his football team (Per Holder):

"“Hey, it could be Africa, it could be the South Pacific, it could be Eastern Europe,” Grigson said.“The one thing you don’t want to lose is that your job as a scout is to find players,” added Grigson. “F-I-N-D. They’re not always just going to fall in your lap. You have to do a lot of work. Sometimes it’s watching grainy film. Sometimes it’s (going to) some obscure place where the head coach works at a steel mill half the time then he coaches in one of these leagues part time. We’ve had players like that who have actually contributed.”"

Still, Grigson realizes that his critics may think he’s just looking to draw headlines and put on a publicity stunt. He’s asserts that he’s simply trying to find the rare elite NFL athlete, wherever they may be:

"“If you have elite athletic traits, you can do this,” Grigson said. “This isn’t one of those specialized sports, like golf. If you have a level of toughness and you can move and you have instincts, if you have those at an elite level, you’re going to get a chance.”“This isn’t some circus sideshow,” Grigson said. “Adongo’s not the only one out there. Trust me. We’re becoming such a global society and you just have to think globally. You have to cast a wide net.“There’s only so many elite athletes,” Grigson concluded."

It leaves many Colts fans wondering just, “Where in the world is Ryan Grigson scouting now?”

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