Zaire Franklin talks about the impact Shane Steichen has already had on the Colts

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin (44) lines up on the line of scrimmage Sunday, Jan. 8,
Indianapolis Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin (44) lines up on the line of scrimmage Sunday, Jan. 8, / Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY

In a recent appearance on Good Morning Football, Indianapolis Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin talked about how Shane Steichen is impacting the team.

This offseason for the Indianapolis Colts has been all about new faces. Indy added two new guys to arguably the most important positions: head coach and quarterback. However, the Colts still have plenty of familiar faces that will help the franchise navigate this next era. One of those familiar faces is linebacker Zaire Franklin.

Franklin is coming off a breakout season where he established himself as a top linebacker in the NFL while breaking Shaq Leonard’s franchise record for most tackles in a season, finishing last season with 167 tackles. He recently made an appearance on Good Morning Football and talked about his breakout year and all things new for the Colts.

Franklin talked about the team’s new head coach, Shane Steichen, and the impact Steichen is already having on the franchise. Franklin used words like energy, drive, and hungry when describing Steichen, and explained that “his attacking personality and how he just likes to get after it” has been a great boost for the team.

Zaire Franklin says Shane Steichen has been a great boost for Colts

There’s no doubting that Shane Steichen has fire and intensity. Those traits were on display in his introductory press conference, as well as his first meeting with the team. The hope is that Steichen’s intensity will create a culture of accountability within the organization that leads to the team getting the best out of everyone.

When healthy, the Colts do have a talented roster. There are some holes at some positions, and also spots where the team is relying on young, inexperienced players. But still, a coaches job is to maximize a team’s ability and get the most out of everyone. Indy hasn’t necessarily done that in recent years. With Shane Steichen now in charge, and a new culture being set, we’ll see if the future of the organization will be different.