Will Levis hasn’t talked with the Colts but that will change soon

NFL Combine
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Quarterback prospect Will Levis hasn’t had the opportunity to meet with the Indianapolis Colts yet but that is set to change in the coming weeks.

This past week was the week of pro days for three of the top four quarterback prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft. CJ Stroud threw at Ohio State’s pro day on Wednesday, Bryce Young threw at Alabama’s pro day on Thursday, and Will Levis finished the week off throwing at Kentucky’s pro day on Friday. Anthony Richardson is scheduled to throw at Florida’s pro day on Thursday, March 30.

During Levis’ post-pro day press conference, Levis revealed that he hasn’t met with the Indianapolis Colts yet. Considering that the Colts currently have the No. 4 pick, and are almost certainly picking a quarterback, this came as somewhat of a surprise since the combine already happened. However, Levis did say that he has a top 30 visit with Indianapolis scheduled, so that will be the opportunity for Levis and the franchise to get to know each other.

Colts will have a top 30 visit with Will Levis

Indianapolis’ quarterback selection is expected to come down to Anthony Richardson and Levis. Bryce Young and CJ Stroud are considered the top quarterbacks in this class, so unless the Carolina Panthers or Houston Texans make a surprising selection, both Young and Stroud will likely be off the board by the time that Indy is on the clock.

That will leave Richardson and Levis for the Colts to decide between. Both quarterbacks are big and athletic with strong arms but have been criticized for their accuracy. Richardson is the more athletic prospect, and for that reason, many people believe he has an edge on Levis because of a higher ceiling.

However, Levis is a confident player and has said that his readiness to play in the NFL from day one because of his experience in pro-style offenses separates him from the other quarterbacks in this class. In about a month, everyone will see if the Colts and other teams at the top of the draft feel the same way.

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