It seems like Colts QB Gardner Minshew is already getting to know Anthony Richardson

Mar 3, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (QB11) speaks to the
Mar 3, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (QB11) speaks to the / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts recently signed Gardner Minshew, and he may already be getting to know Indy’s next quarterback, Anthony Richardson.

At the start of free agency, the Indianapolis Colts signed veteran quarterback Gardner Minshew. Minshew had spent his last two seasons in the league as the backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, who had Shane Steichen as an offensive coordinator. With Steichen now the head coach, and a young quarterback en route to Indy, it only made sense that the team signed Minshew.

Obviously, the expectation is for Gardner Minshew to be the veteran quarterback in the room with a highly-drafted rookie QB. The only question is: who will be the rookie quarterback? With the Colts sitting at No. 4, their quarterback pick will likely be determined by the teams in front of them, so it’s pretty uncertain who they’ll pick. However, Minshew may already be building a relationship with one of the prospects.

On Tuesday, Chase Donnon, a high school quarterback from Florida, posted pictures with two quarterbacks that he got to watch workout. The quarterbacks were Gardner Minshew and Anthony Richardson. Everyone quickly assumed that this meant Minshew and Richardson had been working out together, and wondered if it also meant they would soon be teammmates.

Will Gardner Minshew and Anthony Richardson be Colts QBs?

This is likely more so a coincidence than it is any indication of Indianapolis’ draft plans. Football players throughout all leagues workout together in the offseason, as they typically share training facilities and personal trainers. It makes sense that Minshew, who started his NFL career with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Richardson, who’s from Florida and went to the University of Florida, could be doing offseason quarterback work together in Florida.

Coincidence aside, Richardson is the prospect that’s acactually expected to end up with the Colts, but it’s still extremely early in the process. The Carolina Panthers have the No. 1 overall pick and there have been reports that Carolina loves Richardson, Bryce Young, and CJ Stroud. Many experts are predicting that Young and Stroud are the first two QBs selected, and Richardson would end up with Indy as long as a team doesn’t jump to the No. 3 pick and selects him.

If that’s how things unfold, Anthony Richardson would already have a rapport with Gardner Minshew.

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