Will Levis has become the favorite to go No. 2, what does that mean for the Colts?

University of Kentucky senior quarterback Will Levis showed his passing form during a Pro Day
University of Kentucky senior quarterback Will Levis showed his passing form during a Pro Day / Jeff Faughender/Courier Journal and USA

With the 2023 NFL Draft just days away, Will Levis has emerged as the favorite to go No. 2. What does that mean for a team like the Indianapolis Colts?

The pre-draft process has been a roller coaster for Kentucky quarterback Will Levis. Levis has been viewed as a top-five pick and a second-round selection. Some reports speak glowingly of him, and other reports paint him as a prospect that you hope your team avoids. Now, just days away from the 2023 NFL Draft, Levis has become the favorite to go No. 2.

This is interesting, because if Levis is actually selected second overall, it would be extremely unexpected. The question, though, becomes who’s selecting Levis at two? The projection of the No. 2 pick has been on a journey just as uncertain as Levis’. The Houston Texans currently hold it, and they went from a lock to select a quarterback, to probably selecting a defender, to maybe even trading the pick. Is the belief now that Houston will select Levis?

That's possible, but these odds could also be the case of a suspected trade for a team that wants Levis. There are a lot of quarterback-needy teams that have gotten to know Levis throughout the pre-draft process. The Indianapolis Colts are one of those teams. Could Indy be preparing a trade up to No. 2 to select Levis?

Could Colts trade up to No. 2 to draft Will Levis?

While anything could happen in the draft, this seems unlikely for Indianapolis. The Colts, and all teams really, have done a great job of keeping their plans a secret. However, it’s safe to say everyone would be surprised if Indy did actually trade up to No. 2 to select Levis. CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson are both considered better prospects than Levis, so trading assets and not selecting Stroud or Richardson would just be confusing.

But, if Levis is selected second, by the Texans or some different team other than the Colts, Indianapolis would have to be ecstatic. That would put Indy in the position to select either Stroud or Richardson, without having to jump to No. 2. If the Colts have a preference between those two, then they could trade up one spot with the Arizona Cardinals.

Ultimately, everything will come to light on Thursday. We’ll see what reports were false, which reports had some truth to them, and what quarterback the Colts select.

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