What must the Colts do to get first win against Titans in three years?

With a losing streak that has lasted over a thousand days, here's what the Indianapolis Colts need to do to secure a divisional victory at home this weekend.
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts
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2. Colts will need to force Ryan Tannehill to be the main playmaker

This Tennessee Titans passing offense is not good. They find themselves ranked in the bottom ten in completion percentage, passing yards, passer rating, and sacks allowed through four games. If the Colts can grab an early lead on Sunday, the Titans would be forced to play with urgency and try to pass the ball down the field.

Forcing a passing attack would give a strong Colts defensive line the opportunity to impose their force on Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill early on. Tannehill has fumbled the ball three times in four games and has thrown four interceptions, showing that ball security is an issue for the 35-year-old. Forcing mistakes is the easiest way for the Colts to find their first home win in nearly a year.

On the ground, Tannehill hasn't been rushing like his old self. The veteran quarterback only has one first down on the ground this season compared to 67 over the past three seasons. Tannehill's age has begun showing, and a youthful Colts defense has the chance to play with an energy that can't be matched by aging legs in the Tennessee backfield.

Aside from quarterback, All-Pro running back Derrick Henry has shown his age in the running game. The former 2,000 yard rusher has only 285 yards on the year so far, averaging a career low 3.9 yards per carry. Henry can't be expected to carry the offense this late in his career, so the Indianapolis defensive line will need to continue their good start to the season and limit Henry's impact on the field to force the ball into Tannehill's hands.