Way Too Early 2025 Key Free Agency Outlook

With the NFL Draft over and rookie minicamp completed, we head to OTAs the next two weeks and then mandatory minicamp begins the first week of June.
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It’s never too early to start looking ahead to 2025 when it deals with potential transactions. The franchise will have (currently) 25 free agents next season and we will touch on some notable names that will likely get some attention this season to determine their status for next season. Chris Ballard showed his hand a bit with some draft selections, and we will dive into the potential ramifications for each notable player.

Offensive Players

Center Ryan Kelly

A potentially monumental year for Kelly in 2024. He has battled some personal matters and missed some time last season with injury. The franchise drafted Wisconsin center Tanor Bortolini, and it appears he could be the heir apparent as Kelly will command a large number on the salary cap. Kelly could have a career year with starting all 17 games but the drafting of Bortolini really tips the hand of the franchise's plan at center to pair with Anthony Richardson.

Tight End Mo Alie-Cox

Let’s first state, MAC will struggle to make the team this season as the tight end room is full with youthful talent. MAC is getting older and could be a rotational player on a contender looking for some veteran depth. He could retire as well, though unlikely. Ballard has always liked him so I think they will try to do right by him.

Quarterback Joe Flacco

Brought in as a mentor and backup to starter Anthony Richardson. While it was only a one-year deal, Flacco seems dug in to keep playing and become whatever role any time wants him to be going forward. Richardson can learn a lot from Flacco and if this experiment works look for the franchise to continue the small extensions, especially if Richardson becomes injury prone.

Wide Receiver Ashton Dulin

Special teams will become the focal point of Dulin and his impact on this football team. With his injury last season and additions of Adonai Mitchell and Anthony Gould in the draft, Dulin is back in a crowded room. The team has preached to us his significance on special teams as the “gunner” on returns. If he continues the impact on special teams (especially with the new rules) he could continue to bring value to this football team.

Guard Will Fries

The drafting of new lineman has put the status of Will Fries in question. 4th round pick Bertolini seems to be the replacement for Ryan Kelly next season but where does 3rd round pick Goncalves fit in now? My most simple theory is Braden Smith may be the next casualty on the line. His contract is up in 2026 with a dead money reduction to $3 Million next season. Starting LT Raimann also will be due for an extension in 2025 as well. Ballard cannot justify keeping Raimann, Nelson, Kelly and Smith on massive contracts, he is too frugal for that mindset. Look for the Colts to keep Fries on mid-level deal while extending Raimann and having some time to bring along the youth of Blake Freeland, Goncalves and Bertolini.