Anthony Richardson unintentionally cooks Joe Flacco while giving him compliments

Thanks, Anthony.
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The Indianapolis Colts are hopefully going to have a fully healthy Anthony Richardson in 2024 and he has a new backup quarterback this year. The Colts signed Joe Flacco in free agency this offseason after he helped lead the Browns to a surprising playoff berth the previous season.

Richardson spoke about Flacco recently and made all of us feel old while doing so. Richardson mentioned that when Flacco was in his prime, Richardson was in elementary school. There was one quote in particular that had all of thinking about how old we are.

"I just remember riding on the school bus and they were winning the Super Bowl.’’

Anthony Richardson makes everyone feel old with Joe Flacco comment

Flacco entered the NFL in 2008 after the Baltimore Ravens spent a first-round pick on him. In his fifth season, he helped lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl appearance and they were victorious over the San Francisco 49ers. Flacco even won Super Bowl MVP.

Flacco started the next stage of his career in 2020 and that role is serving as a backup quarterback. He's spent time with the Jets, Browns, and now the Colts, sitting behind young quarterbacks and mentoring them. He stepped into Cleveland's offense after they had injuries to three quarterbacks and went on to start five games. Flacco wasn't perfect as a starting quarterback but he did enough to help the Browns get to the playoffs.

Now he'll be backing up Richardson and this is a great option for the Colts to have considering Richardson's injury during his rookie year.

Flacco is 39 years old and will turn 40 in January 2025 while Richardson just turned 22 years old. It has to be crazy for Richardson to be playing with a guy who was winning a Super Bowl when he was riding the bus to his elementary school. Maybe the two can ride a bus together when the Colts shock the world and win a Super Bowl.