T.Y. Hilton took a random shot at Brock Purdy after Super Bowl LVIII

Kinda random, but okay.
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Heading into Sunday's Super Bowl LVIII matchup between the Chiefs and the 49ers, a lot was made of the "game manager" term. San Francisco QB Brock Purdy has been wearing the label all season, in part because of the supremely talented players he has around him. And even though there are a ton of numbers that point to Purdy being more than that, when you're surrounded by George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel, and that defense, the term is going to follow you around.

And even though Purdy played fine in the 49ers' 25-22 loss (he went 23/38 with 255 yards and one touchdown), the label isn't going anywhere after everyone watched Patrick Mahomes lead yet another two-score comeback to win his third Lombardi Trophy. Plenty of people who were bearish on Purdy took victory laps in the immediate aftermath of the game on Sunday night, including, somewhat randomly, former Colts great TY Hilton:

OK then! In Hilton's defense, randomly chiming in on sports games is like, 65% of what Twitter's meant for. So fair's fair. The responses were full of people pointing out that he last played for the Cowboys, which is equally fair. If you're going to fire off takes, you've got to be prepared for what comes back to you (for the most part). But now we all know what former Colts great TY Hilton thinks about Brock Purdy and Patrick Mahomes, in case that was keeping you up at night. And people say that Twitter is dying.