5 teams Colts should not make a Jonathan Taylor trade with

We don't want to see it happen, but if the Colts did trade Jonathan Taylor, God forbid he ends up somewhere like this...
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Whatever is going on between the Indianapolis Colts and running back Jonathan Taylor needs to get figured out, and quickly.

Whether it takes Dr. Phil, Sherlock Holmes or an intervention, things need to be dissolved. No one wants to see Taylor traded, but the way things are going, we just might see things get ugly. After Taylor requested a trade, the Colts and owner Jim Irsay made things just a bit uncomfortable, whether it was Irsay's comments or the injury spin, the situation is growing tiresome.

Now, let's say we get to a breaking point and the Colts are forced to trade Taylor for their own best interest. There are some logical destinations out there. But, let's just pray to the football gods that none of these five teams get involved.

Team 1: Dallas Cowboys

First of all, the Cowboys have their own running back conundrum to figure out with Tony Pollard getting the franchise tag. They don't need another potential problem at the position. But, nothing Jerry Jones does or says will ever surprise me.

If Jones decided to flip Pollard and make a move for Taylor, making him their guy going forward, it would be a total Jerry Jones thing to do. But, does the world really need more Jerry Jones headlines? I don't think so. The Cowboys already occupy plenty of the NFL talking space these days, and if there's ever a day they don't, Jones makes sure it changes quickly.

Dallas has tons of talent, and adding Taylor would undoubtedly make them even more of a favorite. But, Pollard is a talented back and Jones should focus on future negotiations with his homegrown talent, first and foremost.