Shaq Leonard makes his true feelings about Indianapolis crystal clear

Bob Scheer-USA TODAY Sports

Shaquille Leonard is no longer a member of the Indianapolis Colts, but he still has strong feelings for the city and organization.

"Indianapolis gave me so much," Leonard said of the city. "For six and a half years, it's been my home. I just want to give back as much as I possibly can to a town that means so much to me."

Despite the fact that the Colts decided to move on from him, Leonard doesn't hold any ill will toward the organization or the people he worked with during his time with the team.

"You're blessed to be able to treat people with respect," Leonard said. "I feel like I carried myself in the right way. I respect them and their decision to walk away from me. It doesn't take away from our relationship as people. It's just a blessing to know that they're in my corner and they're always gonna be there if I need them."

Leonard, 28, is currently a free agent after spending the latter part of the 2023 season as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. While he would love to continue playing in the NFL, the three-time Pro Bowler doesn't know what the future holds, but he seems to be at peace with his career either way.

"I'm moreso just sitting back, getting the body healthy, and whenever the opportunity presents itself, we'll give it a try," Leonard said. "I just continue to be me by working hard.

"If it happens, it happens. If it don't, it don't. I think throughout my career I've had a great career, even if I do step away from it. ... I'm enjoying life and just waiting on that opportunity."

There's still plenty of time this offseason for Leonard to sign with a team. After all, he's just a few years removed from being an elite, All-Pro linebacker. Sure, maybe he's no longer at the peak of his powers, but you'd have to imagine that he still has some gas left in the tank. Hopefully he gets another opportunity to show his stuff.