Reggie Wayne shares a wild story about his combine process with the Colts

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With the NFL Draft approaching, Reggie Wayne recently shared a story about his draft process before being selected by the Indianapolis Colts in 2001.

In 2001, the Indianapolis Colts selected Reggie Wayne in the first round with the 30th-overall pick. Indy added Wayne to an offense with Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Edgerrin James, and Wayne would go on to become one of the greatest Colts in franchise history. He’s second on every Colts’ receiving list behind Harrison, and soon, Wayne will join his former teammates in the Hall of Fame. However, being selected by Indianapolis back in 2001 was somewhat of a surprise for Reggie Wayne.

With the NFL Combine underway, and the 2023 Draft right around the corner, Wayne decided to take a look back at his own draft process and shared a wild detail about his journey to Indianapolis. Wayne took to Twitter to confess that between the Senior Bowl and the Scouting Combine, he had talked with all but one of the league’s teams. The one team that didn’t speak to Wayne was, of course, the Colts, the franchise that he went on to become a pivotal member of.

Reggie Wayne spoke with every team at the Combine except Colts

Maybe Indianapolis didn’t think the team had a chance to draft Wayne all the way at No. 30. Wayne was coming off of four strong years at Miami, so the Colts could’ve thought that it would be a waste of time to speak with him since he would be gone by the time they were on the clock. However, five receivers were taken before Wayne and he was available for Indianapolis to select, so the team did.

We know how the story unfolds from that point. Wayne went on to play 14 years with the Colts and caught 1,070 passes for 14,345 yards, and 82 touchdowns, while being voted to six Pro Bowls and also winning Super Bowl 41. Now, Wayne is the wide receivers coach for Indianapolis and is helping Indy’s current promising wideouts develop into great receivers.

This two-decade relationship has blossomed into something great, despite the fact that the Colts didn’t even speak with Reggie Wayne at the Senior Bowl or the Combine.

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