Reggie Wayne makes an official announcement about his coaching future with the Colts

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As Shane Steichen continues to fill out his coaching staff, Reggie Wayne has made an official announcement about his coaching future with the Indianapolis Colts.

With Shane Steichen now the head coach for the Indianapolis Colts, there has been a lot of uncertainty about what coaches would remain on staff. Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, and presumably all of the defensive staff, are returning, but special special teams coordinator Bubba Ventrone has moved on to the Cleveland Browns. Indy also reportedly hired Tony Sparano Jr. as the offensive line coach. However, many were left wondering about the fate of Reggie Wayne, who had just finished his first season as Indy’s wide receiver coach.

Would Wayne be retained or would he decide to move on from coaching after one season? Could Wayne follow Frank Reich to the Carolina Panthers? Those were all questions that everyone was asking. On Tuesday, Reggie Wayne put a stop to all of the questions by announcing his future plans. Wayne took to Twitter to let everyone know that he will be returning for a second season as the wide receiver coach for the Colts.

Reggie Wayne will remain Colts wide receiver coach

After years of being asked to get into coaching, Wayne finally made the decision to join Indy’s staff last season. He got to work with the Colts wide receivers, a group that had struggled in recent years. To Wayne’s credit, Indy’s wideouts had one of the best seasons they’ve had as a unit in recent years. Michael Pittman Jr. continued to establish himself as the team’s top receiver, Alec Pierce had a promising rookie season filled with big plays, and Parris Campbell finally played a full season and was the second-most consistent receiver on the team.

Unfortunately for Reggie Wayne and the receivers, this year came during an extremely underwhelming season for the team. The Colts finished the season 4-12-1 and had one of the worst offenses in the league. The offensive line struggled in every facet, Indy cycled through three quarterbacks, and Jonathan Taylor battled injury. For the first time in a while, the receivers weren’t the biggest problem for Indy’s offense.

Hopefully, Reggie Wayne will be able to keep the receivers moving in the right direction and the rest of the offense will get back on track. The Colts especially need to fix the offensive line since they’ll likely be drafting a rookie quarterback. Wayne also must have his receivers ready to make life easy for a rookie QB.

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