Reggie Wayne is sending a PSA to fans about Lamar Jackson and the Colts

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With everyone hoping that the Indianapolis Colts will trade for Lamar Jackson, wide receivers coach Reggie Wayne is sending a message to fans.

Lamar Jackson is currently a non-exclusive franchise tagged free agent and he has made it clear that he wants to be traded from the Baltimore Ravens. Since that announcement, fans from several teams throughout the league have been hoping that the franchise that they root for will pull off a trade for the elite quarterback.

The fanbase of the Indianapolis Colts is one group that has been really vocal. Many experts have pointed out how the Colts make a ton of sense as a landing spot for Jackson, so fans have been doing their best to manifest Jackson to Indianapolis. Turns out, the fans are also contacting members of the organization in hopes that it’ll get the ball rolling.

Franchise legend, and current Colts wide receiver coach, Reggie Wayne, took to social media to make an announcement for the people telling him to tell the team to trade for Jackson. Wayne simply asked fans to stop doing it, and explained that he has a hard time making his kids listen to him, so he definitely can’t tell the organization what to do.

Reggie Wayne can’t make Colts trade for Lamar Jackson

Reggie Wayne is pretty much in the same predicament as the fans. He may actually be apart of the team, but he’s waiting to see what will happen just like everyone else. Indy’s players that have expressed their desire for Jackson to come to Indianapolis are also doing the same thing.

Just like fans, Wayne would likely love for the Colts to have Lamar Jackson. As a former wideout and current receivers coach, he knows from experience what it means to play with a great quarterback. Wayne was lucky to play with Peyton Manning, and with the talented team that surrounded Manning, Indy was a yearly threat in the league.

Without consistent quarterback play, the Colts have been an inconsistent team. If they want to return to being yearly contenders, they have to find a franchise quarterback. Maybe that quarterback will be Lamar Jackson. If that happens, it won’t be because Reggie Wayne tells the team to make it happen.

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