Colts players are making it clear that they want Lamar Jackson

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Now that Lamar Jackson has made his trade request public, Indianapolis Colts players are expressing their hopes that Indy trades for the elite quarterback.

On Monday, Lamar Jackson went public with his trade request from the Baltimore Ravens. Since Baltimore had already gave him the non-exclusive franchise tag, teams knew there was a chance to acquire him, but now it’s clear that he’s really ready to go to another team. There are also a ton of people hoping he comes to their team.

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts have been trying their best to manifest Lamar Jackson into a Colts uniform. Indianapolis is the favorite to land Jackson, and Chris Ballard has said that Indy is doing its due diligence, but fans won’t rest until Jackson is in Indianapolis. On Tuesday, Colts players also made it known that they would like to add Jackson to the roster as well.

Defensive back Kenny Moore II retweeted Pat McAfee’s plea to get Jackson to the Colts, and also retweeted a PFF post of Jackson in an Indianapolis uniform. Linebacker Zaire Franklin tweeted “sound like a plan to me,” shortly after Jackson announced his trade request, so everyone assumed that’s what Franklin was talking about.

One of Indianapolis’ newest players, wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie, replied straight to Lamar Jackson’s tweet and said, “Come on over my boy, we got room!”

Colts players want to trade for Lamar Jackson

It makes sense that Indianapolis’ players would want Jackson. For starters, Lamar Jackson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL; there are only a few teams where players would prefer their current quarterbacks over Lamar Jackson. The Colts certainly aren’t one. They have been in search of a consistent quarterback for years.

The majority of the players on Indianapolis’ roster has had a different starting quarterback every year that they’ve been with the Colts. If the fans and the media are fed up with this carousel, one can only imagine how sick and tired of it the players in the locker room are. Knowing it all can come to a halt with a quarterback like Lamar Jackson has to be a dream come true for Indy’s players.

Will this just be a dream though? The players clearly want Jackson, but they aren’t Chris Ballard; they can’t just negotiate a trade themselves. Maybe Ballard will find a way to get it done and make everyone in Indianapolis happy.

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