Projecting the Colts initial 53-man roster for the 2023 NFL season

Now that the preseason is over, here’s a projection of what the Indianapolis Colts 53-man roster will look like by Tuesday, the NFL’s cut day.
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The preseason for the Indianapolis Colts has finally come to an end and we are two weeks away from the start of the season! The unfortunate part of this is roster cut day. All teams have to get from their 90-player roster down to the 53-man roster we will see for Week 1 of the upcoming NFL season. Typically, you have this roster cut, then teams will make moves based on other teams’ cuts as well. This is an opportunity to grab a late round player the team liked in the draft or pickup a veteran in a position of need.

While the Colts have several talented players, and a lot of guys that made plays throughout camp and the preseason, Indy won’t be able to keep them all. Let’s predict the 53 players that Indianapolis will be taking into the regular season.

Projecting Colts offensive roster

Quarterback (3)

Roster Locks: Anthony Richardson, Gardner Minshew, Sam Ehlinger
Practice Squad: None
Cuts: None

For the moment, this one is a no-brainer. Colts head coach Shane Steichen has already announced that Anthony Richardson will be the starting quarterback this coming season. Minshew has shown an affinity for being his mentor and being able to fill in adequately when he is needed. The benefits of having Ehlinger on the team outweigh the benefits of not having him on the team, but I believe it can go either way.