Pat McAfee pays tribute to Vontae Davis live on-air during his show

The former Colts punter spent over five minutes talking about his former teammate.
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When news broke on Monday that former NFL star Vontae Davis had passed away, the NFL community was stunned. At only 35, Davis had played in the league as recently as 2018, and many of his former teammates in Buffalo, Miami, and Indianapolis are still either in the league, or involved with it somehow.

That includes Pat McAfee, who was the Colts' punter for all six years that Davis played in Indianapolis. During his show on Monday, McAfee set aside over five minutes to talk about Davis with former Colts player Darius Butler, getting emotional at times while talking about his teammate:

"Vontae was an incredibly cool dude," McAfee said. "Good guy. Nice guy. Upbeat guy. Energetic guy ... I think what we'll remember him for is being an incredibly cool teammate in that locker room, and being a guy that all of us enjoyed being around on daily basis."

"We didn't think it was right for us to be the people that informed the world that one of our former teammates and friends had passed away," he added. "It just felt weird. So we've just been trying to distract ourselves, literally all show. It was a tough morning. Very, very tough morning. From that locker room, we've now lost, like, four guys. And I think every single time it happens, you think about all the good and hilarious times ... if you knew him, you loved him. And you enjoyed the hell out of him. Today's been tough."