Pass defense of the Colts remains a major concern, even after defeating the Texans

The Indianapolis Colts got their first win of the 2023 season on Sunday, but it’s clear that Indy has a big problem in the secondary.
Sep 17, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Texans wide receiver Nico Collins (12) evades
Sep 17, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Texans wide receiver Nico Collins (12) evades / Jenna Watson-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 2, the Indianapolis Colts picked up their first win of the season, defeating the Houston Texans 31-20. Although it’s only been two games, Indy has been better than expected. The Colts were competitive with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and comfortably beat Houston. As of now, Indy’s biggest concern is keeping Anthony Richardson healthy and getting him to finish a game.

However, there’s another concern that Indianapolis needs to quickly address: the pass defense. Through two games, the Colts have struggled to stop the pass. In Week 1, Calvin Ridley was having a field day against the secondary. Indy was able to turn to Kenny Moore II to limit Ridley in the second half of the game, but Moore won’t be able to always save the secondary, and that was clear in Week 2.

Colts are struggling to stop the pass

Going against a rookie quarterback in CJ Stroud, making just his second start in the NFL, Indy’s defense allowed Stroud to complete 30-of-47 passes for 384 yards, and two touchdowns. Nico Collins led Houston in receiving with seven receptions for 146 yards and one touchdown, and the pass game was ultimately the reason the Texans made a late-game surge.

Coming into the year, everyone knew the cornerback position was a question mark. With two inexperienced, second-year corners starting, it was clear that Indy was taking a gamble. So far, this gamble isn’t yielding the best results. All of the secondary needs to be better. Darrell Baker Jr. and Dallis Flowers definitely need to pick it up, and Julian Blackmon and Rodney Thomas II can play better as well.

The secondary seems to be the biggest remaining question mark. Anthony Richardson, and Gardner Minshew, have looked good at quarterback. The offensive line is playing much better than last season, and the run game came alive once Zack Moss returned. The defensive line is making plays, and the Colts have one of the best linebacker units in the league. The pressure is on the secondary, to determine how good Indy can play as a team this season.