An overlooked moment was the most promising thing we’ve seen from Anthony Richardson

As Anthony Richardson and the Indianapolis Colts prepare for the regular season, one of Richardson’s most promising actions shows he’s ready for the season.
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

When the Indianapolis Colts drafted Anthony Richardson, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the rookie quarterback. Since then, Richardson has done nothing but fuel that excitement. He’s had an impressive offseason and training camp with the Colts, and that has resulted in him getting the starting quarterback job, and he also was impressive in the preseason, getting the NFL world ready to watch him for when it counts.

While Richardson has had many fun moments during his very short career with Indianapolis, there was one promising moment that was really exciting. It wasn’t Richardson’s deep ball to Alec Pierce against the Buffalo Bills, or the runs he broke off, and not even the taunt of the Philadelphia Eagles’ fans, though, that was great to see. Richardson’s most promising moment in the preseason came against Philly, when he walked up to the line, made an audible, and followed it up with a productive play.

Anthony Richardson’s audibles shows comfort with Colts offense

There’s no questioning Richardson’s physical ability. His combination of size, athleticism, and arm strength is the reason he’s such a fun young player. However, the concern for most young quarterbacks is about how fast the game moves, and if they’ll be able to make the right reads and handle everything mentally. Although it was just the preseason, Richardson’s ability to get up to the line and make audibles, in just his second NFL game, shows that he’s in a pretty good spot.

Not only did Richardson make the audible, but he ripped a beautiful throw into the perfect spot. If he can make plays like that, mentally and physically, on a consistent basis, the Colts will be in great shape with Richardson under center. Year one will definitely still be a growing process, but it seems like Richardson is already in a good spot as the regular season approaches.