NFL expert predicts Colts will have an even worse season than last year in 2023

After an abysmal 4-12-1 season in 2022, an NFL expert predicts the Indianapolis Colts will win even less games in the 2023 season.
Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker Shaquille Leonard (53) celebrates after making an interception
Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker Shaquille Leonard (53) celebrates after making an interception / Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY

That seems impossible, right? How could the Indianapolis Colts possibly have a worse season than the 2022 season. Just about everything that could go wrong for Indy last year, did go wrong. Injuries sidelined Indianapolis’ two best players for significant periods of time, the other good players that were healthy regressed, Frank Reich was fired, and the Colts found new ways to lose professional football games, finishing with a 4-12-1 record.

Things will somehow be worse than that in 2023? That’s what Brad Gagnon thinks, at least record wise. In a recent piece for Bleacher Report, Gagnon predicted the win total for each team, and if it will be over or under their projected wins. The Colts over/under for 2023 was set at 6.5, and Gagnon predicted that Indy would fall under, winning just three games, one game less than last season.

Bleacher Report predicts Colts will only win three games

Gagnon admits that the division isn’t strong, and that it’s possible that the rookies could surpass expectations, leading to more wins than expected, however, the belief for Gagnon is that 2023 “is going to be full of growing pains.” While that part is true, only getting three wins seems pretty unlikely.

As stated earlier, it took everything possible going wrong for the Colts to lose four games in 2023, and they still were competitive in several other games. Things collapsing in Indianapolis again, as drastic as last year, would be like lightening striking twice. It’s just hard to imagine that happening. The growing pains may keep Indianapolis from being a playoff team, but Indy should be able to find more than three wins, especially in the AFC South.

The down year has led to people forgetting about the talent on Indy’s roster. If the stars are completely healthy, the Colts will have some of the best players in the league, and that has to count for something. Add in an offensive line that should be improved and an electric dual-threat quarterback, and Indy should be able to surpass last season’s win total.

But, if Gagnon is right, and everything goes wrong and Indianapolis somehow only wins three games, the good news is that the Colts will likely be in position to draft Marvin Harrison Jr.