Colts rookie quarterback records that Anthony Richardson could threaten

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The Indianapolis Colts have started several talented rookie quarterbacks. Could any rookie QB franchise records be threatened by Anthony Richardson?

Indianapolis Colts rookie QB Anthony Richardson has his mind set on greatness, but how soon into his professional career before that aspiration can start its way into becoming a reality? Only time will tell of course, but there are some rookie quarterback records in Indy that Anthony Richardson will likely be in the back of his mind.

Regardless of when Richardson's playing days officially begin, his never-satisfied mindset leads us to believe that he'll want to achieve every milestone and accolade that's available as soon as he's able to step on the field. There are obviously grander personal achievements to be had, however, for this article, we'll be keeping it in-house with team records. From the good to the bad, there are always records to be broken. So without further ado, let's dive into it.

Colts rookie passing records

Passing Yards. Andrew Luck. '12. player. Colts Rookie QB Record 1. Andrew Luck. 46. . . 4,374 Yards

Although there is an extra game nowadays, Richardson would likely have to start from Week 1 through the entirety of the 2023 season to even give himself a chance at breaking the Colts' rookie passing yards record.

Richardson is known as a dual-threat quarterback, but unlike most QBs with that title, he doesn't really favor one side of his game. He can do both well, really well, but in terms of willingness and/or ability of both, Richardson is ready for whatever you ask of him.

If head coach Shane Steichen decides that he'd like Richardson to become a pass-first kind of QB, which would be unforeseen, then chances for this record being broken are increased, but not by much. Only six NFL QBs last season threw for more than Luck did in 2012, so with it being even more of a passing league in 2023, Richardson would indeed have to take the league by storm as a mere rookie.

. . Passing TDs. '98. Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning. player. Colts Rookie QB Record 2. 26 TDs. 46

The passing touchdowns record is surely more doable on the forefront than that of the yards record. Regardless, 26 touchdowns as a rookie is a historical feat in any year. The NFL record for most passing TDs in a season for a rookie is 31, and that only recently became the record.

It is important to note that the beholder of the NFL rookie QB passing touchdowns record is Chargers' Justin Herbert and his illustrious rookie campaign was done in just 15 games under the tutelage of who other than league-renowned QB guru and Colts head coach Shane Steichen.

The previously mentioned record being broken as of recent would hold additional merit if it happened during either of the past two seasons when the 17-game season was implemented, but it was actually in 2020. If Richardson starts all 17 games in 2023, there's certainly a better shot to break the record, but with an expected balanced attack from Richardson, chances are slim.