NFL expert predicts Colts QB Anthony Richardson’s rookie stats

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While the Week 1 starting QB for the Indianapolis Colts is undecided, Bleacher Report's Alex Kay tries his best to project Anthony Richardson's rookie stats.

The Indianapolis Colts are, at this point, known around the league for their streak of nine straight Week 1 losses. Whether or not that plays any factor whatsoever in the Colts' decision to start Gardner Minshew in lieu of experience, there's always a scenario where Anthony Richardson starts Week 1 and ends up the backup for a multitude of hypothetical reasons.

With that being said, Bleacher Reports’s Alex Kay even admits to this in a recent piece predicting stats for projected starting QBs, saying, "No quarterback will be tougher to project than Anthony Richardson." From hypothetical scenarios like those previously mentioned, to objectively trying to project a rookie season from an inexperienced yet talented QB, Kay was able to muster up a stat projection that Colts fans should find solace in.

"Projection: 59 percent completion rate, 2,664 passing yards, eight passing touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 125 carries, 822 rushing yards, eight rushing touchdowns."

Alex Kay (Bleacher Report)

In this hypothetical scenario, Anthony Richardson breaks three current records held by Colts rookie quarterbacks.

Anthony Richardson projected to have record-breaking rookie season for Colts

As you can see, Richardson would break both rushing records with ease while also breaking the Colts rookie record for best completion percentage. While breaking the rushing records is no shocker, even expected from some, Richardson improving upon his uninspiring 53.8 completion percentage in college would be mightily rich considering that was his biggest knock as a prospect by far.

Although Richardson threw for more interceptions than touchdowns, and posted sub-double digit touchdown numbers, there's possibly more nuance to be had with this scenario. Most rookie QBs, regardless of prior success, throw for more interceptions than touchdowns in their rookie campaign.

Not only that, but when you consider what makeup the 2023 Indianapolis Colts offense will be comprised of, it makes sense that this would be a run-heavy team. Between RB Jonathan Taylor and QB Anthony Richardson, it would make sense that HC Shane Steichen would lean on the run game as he does his best to get Richardson acclimated to NFL talent.