A look back at Colts’ busy first week of free agency and what to look for in Week 2

The Indianapolis Colts were busy during the first week of free agency but they still have more work to do going into the second week.

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What’s ahead for Colts in Week 2 of free agency?

The Colts will need to decide what they want to do with Julian Blackmon. He does have a scheduled visit with the Buffalo Bills and those visits typically bear a contract if things go well. The last notable name to be determined is interior lineman Danny Pinter. He missed last season with a broken ankle and Ballard will typically bring back these types of players on a one year prove-it deal. Pinter would be a great depth piece for this offensive line.

As for what the Colts might look to fill on the roster, the secondary should be the focus. There are very mixed reports about their involvement with Kansas City Chiefs CB L’Jarius Sneed. Some reports say they have not talked, and some say the deal was done and hit a snag after the parties agreed to compensation. Regardless, these deals can die and come back to life all the time. Look for Indianapolis to find some bodies in the secondary so they can bring some experience and leadership to the position and they can focus on pass catchers and roster depth in April’s Draft.