Latest Will Levis rumors should keep the Colts away from him come draft night

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As the NFL Draft approaches, rumors about Will Levis are surfacing, and could make the Indianapolis Colts stay away from the quarterback prospect.

For guys like C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson, the buzz around their NFL potential has been through the roof over the past month. Fanbases across the country are already falling in love with these three signal-callers. The same most definitely can't be said about Kentucky quarterback Will Levis.

Levis was once in the No. 1 overall pick conversation, but those days are long gone. Now, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him fall out of the first round completely. The latest word on Levis is enough to scare plenty of teams away, and the Indianapolis Colts should 100 percent be on the list.

The Colts should stay away from QB Will Levis in the first round

The fact that Levis is rumored to be blowing it during interviews with scouts and general managers isn't going to help his case once late April arrives. For the Colts, there's no question that they need a franchise quarterback for the future. However, it feels like they'd be taking a terrible gamble if they end up rocking with Levis.

Straight up, it feels like this young man has bust written all over him, and a lot of people in Indy are hoping that he's not the long-term answer for this squad's offense. We could see the Colts try and trade up to land either Young, Stroud or Richardson, but you never know what general manager Chris Ballard will decide to do leading up to Round 1.

Hey, there's a chance the Colts don't go with a quarterback too, as multiple NFL Mock Drafts of late have Ballard going with Texas Tech defensive end Tyree Wilson. If Will Anderson Jr. is still there, could Ballard go with him as well? We'll find out on April 27 what the Colts decide to do if they stay at No. 4 overall, but fans will be praying to the Football Gods that Levis' name isn't announced for Indy.

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