Another expert predicts that Colts will select a defender over quarterback at No. 4

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Despite a need for a quarterback, the idea of the Indianapolis Colts drafting a defender with the fourth-overall pick is gaining momentum.

The Indianapolis Colts have been looking for a consistent starter for several years now, and they are finally in the position in the draft to select on of the top QBs of a draft class. Currently positioned at No. 4, the Colts have a great chance of taking the third quarterback off the board. However, less experts are convinced that will actually happen.

Recently the idea of Indianapolis drafting Will Anderson Jr. at No. 4 was floated, and PFF recently had Indy selecting Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzalez in a mock draft. Now, in a mock draft for, Bucky Brooks is predicting that Indianapolis drafts defensive end Tyree Wilson at No. 4.

Colts select Tyree Wilson in latest mock draft

While Brooks understands that Indianapolis needs a quarterback, with CJ Stroud and Bryce Young already off the board, Brooks argues that “the grades on the available QB1 prospects do not match the Colts' draft position.“ In other words, the quarterbacks not named Stroud and Young aren’t worth being selected in the top five. Brooks actually has Anthony Richardson falling down to No. 20 and Will Levis falling out of the first round entirely.

This is certainly a possible outcome. Something similar happened in last year’s draft when Kenny Pickett was the first quarterback off the board at No. 20, and the only QB taken in the first round. If teams aren’t sold on a QB, they won’t just select one out of need. Is this an approach the Colts are willing to take with their desperate need at quarterback?

Honestly, it seems like something Chris Ballard would do. He has already said that there’s no guarantee Indy selects a QB, and if the Colts are going to take a quarterback that high, they want to be sure that he’s their guy. So if Indianapolis doesn’t get that conviction, the team could be drafting a defender at No. 4.

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