Kenny Moore II reveals message he shared with Isaiah Rodgers Sr. amid investigation

Kenny More II (23) chats with Isaiah Rodgers (34) during the Indianapolis Colts mandatory mini
Kenny More II (23) chats with Isaiah Rodgers (34) during the Indianapolis Colts mandatory mini / Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar / USA TODAY

While Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr. is being investigated by the NFL, fellow DB Kenny Moore II recently revealed what he told Rodgers.

Isaiah Rodgers Sr. is going through a tough time right now. Recently, it was announced that Rodgers was being investigated for possible violations of the NFL’s gambling policy. Rodgers apologized and took accountability for his actions, and now, everyone is just waiting to see what his suspension will look like.

Although Rodgers hasn’t been with the team since the news broke, and likely won’t be for a while, he’s still receiving the support of the team. Veteran cornerback Kenny Moore II made that clear when speaking to the media on Wednesday. Moore revealed that he’s been speaking with Rodgers, and when asked what message has he shared with Rodges, Moore expressed a message of brotherly love.

Moore explained to the media that he’s doing what everyone would do when they have a brother going through a tough time, lending a hand, letting them know you’re there for them, and helping them preserve.

Kenny Moore II is sticking by his brother Isaiah Rodgers Sr.

This is the kind of veteran leadership that’s expected out of Moore. Entering his seventh season in the NFL, Moore has been in the league a while and has surely seen a lot. It’s only right that he takes younger players under his wing and support them through their ups and downs.

When the Colts drafted Rodgers, Moore was already in his fourth season with the team. Being in the same defensive back room with him, Moore watched Rodgers blossom from an electric returner to a very solid starting cornerback in the NFL. The 2023 season was setting up to be the year that Rodgers took his game to the next level.

Unfortunately, it’s looking like Rodgers won’t have that opportunity. As Rodgers awaits his suspension, it’s good to know that he still has guys like Kenny Moore II by his side.