Expect to see the elite version of Kenny Moore II return to the Colts next season

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Kenny Moore II had an underwhelming season with the Indianapolis Colts in 2022 but Moore and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley are ready to bounce back.

The 2021 season was a crowning moment of sorts for Kenny Moore II. After being the most underrated player in the NFL for multiple years, Moore put together a season with the Indianapolis Colts that was undeniable. Playing in all 17 games, Moore recorded 102 tackles, a sack, one forced fumble, 13 pass deflections, and four interceptions. He was named to his first Pro Bowl, and in his own words, he was “stamped in this league.”

With that being the case, everyone was expecting a huge 2022 season from Kenny Moore II. Unfortunately, Moore underwhelmed individually just like the Colts did as a team. He wasn’t flying all over the field making the plays that Indy’s fans have grown to expect from him. But, there were many factors contributing to that.

Not only did Moore deal with injury last season, he had to adjust to a brand new defensive system, a system that he admittedly struggled to adjust to, and one that defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, admittedly struggled to fit to the strengths of Moore. Things had gotten to the point where everyone was sure that Kenny Moore wouldn’t be playing for the Colts in 2023. Moore even openly questioned his future with the team.

However, at some point throughout the offseason, Moore and the Colts recommitted to each other, and Kenny will be back on the field for Indianapolis next season. It should also be the elite version of Moore returning, because Bradley is preparing to put Kenny Moore in a position to showcase what makes him special.

Gus Bradley says Kenny Moore will be big part of Colts defense

Talking with the media on Wednesday, Bradley vowed that Moore would be a big part of the defense moving forward and that he has plans to put Moore around the ball more next season. In 2022, Kenny Moore played in just 12 games, only recording 65 tackles, four pass deflections, and one sack. He didn’t have any forced fumbles or interceptions.

Now that it’s certain Moore willl be back with the team, it’ll serve everyone well for Bradley and Moore to get on the same page. When Moore is playing his best football, the Colts are a better team. Additionally, Indy’s defense was good last season, but didn’t force many turnovers. Bradley can help change that by putting Kenny Moore in playmaking situations. That seems to be the plan.

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