Kenny Moore II is the No. 1 slot defender in NFL but his future with Colts is unknown

Kenny Moore II has reclaimed his status as the best slot defender in the NFL. What does that mean for his future with the Indianapolis Colts?
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In 2021, Kenny Moore II was undoubtedly the best slot defender in the NFL. In fact, he had earned that title in the seasons before then, but 2021 is when his work was no longer underrated. Moore played all 17 games that seasons and recorded 102 tackles, six for a loss, one sack, one forced fumble, 13 pass deflections, and four interceptions. He also earned the first Pro Bowl selection of his career.

Unfortunately, that peak was short lived. Moore asked for a reworked contract after that season but was denied by the Indianapolis Colts who refused to negotiate since he had two years remaining on his deal. Then, Moore had the worst season of his career as a starter. Struggling to get on the same page with new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, Moore had just 65 tackles, four for a loss, and one sack in 12 games before his season was shut down because of an injury.

This led to questions about his future with the Colts and doubts that Moore would receive another nice contract. But, Moore remained with Indianapolis and is currently in the middle of an elite bounce-back season. With 67 tackles, seven for a loss, 1.5 sacks, five pass deflections, and three interceptions (two pick sixes) in 10 games this season, Kenny Moore II has reclaimed his status as the NFL’s top slot defender.

Next Gen Stats further proved that with a recent ranking of the top 10 slot defenders in the league. With a coverage score of 94, a pass rush score of 60, and tackle score of 92, and a overall score of 91, Moore was rated No. 1 by a decisive seven-point margin in overall scores.

With the way Moore is playing, there’s a chance that this season could even be better than his 2021 year. That all leads to one question: what does this resurgence mean for Moore’s future?

Will Colts be able to keep Kenny Moore II after his return to elite status?

First and foremost, it means that Moore will be receiving another big contract. This will be his third contract in the NFL, showing how far the undrafted player has come. At just 28 years old, playing the way he is, there will be a lot of teams ready to give Moore a deal. Will the Colts be able to keep him in Indianapolis?

Indy should definitely want to keep Kenny. He’s a needed piece in a really young Colts secondary. However, wants and needs aren’t always addressed. It will definitely be a challenge for Moore to remain with the Colts. Indianapolis has several key players that it needs to extend, and once other teams are able to make offers to these veterans, there’s no telling what will happen. Moore has pretty much guaranteed himself another lucrative contract. The Colts must be prepared to offer that contract if they want to keep him.